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Darya Kirilochkina
Brand & Marketing Advisor
Darya has a vast experience in leading product ownership, developing and executing marketing strategies in scaled fintech and real estate projects.
Valerie Leroy
Business Development Manager
Valerie's expertise spans immersive technology, fintech, web3, international trade. She brings her 8 years of experience in driving sales and growth across varied dynamic industries.
Mikheil Meskhi
Legal Advisor
Over 8 years of rich experience spanning legal, fintech, administrative, and financial sectors. His core expertise is in civil and corporate law, focusing particularly on the field.
Sergey Kubasov
Sergey is a top-tier executive, ex-VP of Technology in Russian tech giant VK, ex-C-suite of 90M+ MAU social networks, e-commerce platforms, payment system, and crypto b2b business.

His main fields of interest are crisis management and operational efficiency.

His career started more than 20 years ago in the system administration domain, so Sergey always pays the most profound attention to the state of critical infrastructure and the company’s risk management maturity.

He possesses a unique expertise in managing companies of all ranges, from 1000+ patients capacity COVID-19 mobile laboratory folded out in just 2 days, to a billion-dollars international e-commerce enterprise.

Sergey will personally participate in business strategy, budgeting, and high-level crisis and risk management projects.
CEO, Crisis Management Advisor
Ilia Asiamolov
Ilia is a financial expert with a background in PwC Consulting (specialized in pharma distribution, retail, and real estate development projects). He is an experienced CFO with a track record in highly complicated multi-platform services, thriving in challenging industries like crypto infrastructure.

Ilia will personally participate in budgeting, business strategy, and crypto-related projects.
Crypto & Financial Advisor
Nazar Fazylov
Nazar is a strategic-thinking CPO with a vast erudition across industries. He excelled in launching a massive range of profitable products with millions of DAU, from c2c advertising tools to crypto wallets.

Nazar dives into business needs, analyzes market circumstances thoroughly, and always advocates a data-driven approach to product decisions.

His one-of-a-kind expertise will be at your service to improve your product strategy dramatically.

Nazar will personally participate in projects related to product management.

Crypto & Product Advisor
Valerie Leroy
For over 8 years, Valerie has been a passionate leader in driving significant growth for companies at the forefront of technology. Her expertise spans across IT domains like SaaS, Cloud, Immersive Tech, Fintech, and Blockchain.

Valerie is truly passionate about building and leading high-performing sales teams that consistently exceed goals. She thrives in dynamic environments, setting up robust outbound sales infrastructures from scratch, crafting data-driven strategies (inbound & outbound), and forging strategic partnerships that unlock new possibilities for the business.
Business Development Manager
Dmitry Yanchenko
Dmitry is a cybersecurity executive with almost 20 years in the domain. He successfully built top notch security perimeters in such safety-demanding organizations as biggest regional banks, and his experience lies across the world. In the beginning of his career Dmitry was specialized in performing formal audits like PCI DSS for financial institutions.

Dmitry will personally participate in projects related to cybersecurity.
Cybersecurity Advisor
Iaroslav Rabovoliuk
Iaroslav administered cybersecurity activities in industry-leading companies, has vast experience in cybersecurity consulting with over a hundred successful penetration testing and other related projects. Being an author of own educational program and actual tutor, Yaroslav possesses up-to-date expertise in the most rapidly transforming knowledge field of cybersecurity.

Yaroslav will personally participate in cybersecurity projects.
Cybersecurity Advisor
Irina Denezhkina
Irina is a strategic executive with 12+ years experience in leading multi-stakeholder projects, from payment systems to influencer platforms.
Irina’s key expertise includes competitive analysis, go-to-market approaches, budgeting, and strategic planning.

Irina will personally participate in projects related to strategy.
Product & Strategy Advisor
George Belousov
Georgy is a former CIO in the biggest Russian social network and possesses unparalleled expertise of managing extremely high-load environments. Georgy excelled also in business cases in domains of network administrating, internal development and data migration

His career started from the system administrating, so Georgy carries a profound hands-on experience that allowed him to be promoted to C-suite in this domain and to lead IT departments in various business units and companies.

His current field of interest is business processes automation.

Georgy will personally participate in projects related to IT strategy, security and efficiency.
Business Processes Advisor
Nail Iangazov
Nail is a professional in the field of project management with over 10 years of experience leading PMOs in organizations across industries, from e-commerce to crypto and mobile operators, he possesses a unique knowledge of implementing the most effective processes when necessary.

Nail hires a rigid analytical approach to find improvement points in your pipeline and, if needed, adds some discipline and predictability with surgical accuracy.

Nail will personally participate in projects related to cross-team interactions, IT strategy, IT efficiency, and planning.
Project Management Advisor
Nikolai Shulyakovskii
Nikolai is a technology expert with extensive hands-on experience in managing development teams in projects with complex, multi-component architecture.

Nikolai's key expertise is in improving development processes and increasing the efficiency of departments by implementing best practices. Nikolai has experience in technological auditing of banking systems, large-scale B2C products, and cloud solutions. Nikolai will personally participate in projects related to software architecture and IT efficiency.
Technology Advisor
Alexander Sotnikov
Alex worked as a Compliance and Delivery Manager at Deutsche Bank, a Senior Consultant at Bridgewater, and an IT Manager at UBS and Credit Suisse. Since 2017, Alex has been working with crypto startups as a Delivery Consultant, Product Owner and Compliance Manager. As a COO in 2018, Alex created a white-label product from scratch that generated 1.5 million USD in revenue within a year.

Areas of professional expertise include:
  • Delivery Management and process maturity assessment (SCRUM, SAFe, Data-Driven Delivery, Engineering Excellence);
  • Digital Compliance and audit (including GDPR, MiCA, MiFID II, ADGM, NIST (Cybersecurity), CARF (DAC8 - Taxes), SOC1 and SOC2 (System and Organisation Controls) preparation, implementation, and assessment; ISO/IEC 27001 preparation and assessment, ISAE 3402).
  • Throughout last year actively participated in several successful security and compliance audits for SEC.
  • AML/ACL procedures, risk assessment processes, SDN/Blacklists, fraud investigation
  • MABS (Market Abuse) and Insider Trading policies, procedures and trainings;
  • PII (Personal Data and Personal Information) policies, procedures and trainings.
Compliance Advisor
Babar Ali
Bringing over 10 years of experience in business development, growth hacking, strategic communications, and international expansion, Babar is actively spreading knowledge about fintech innovations, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adoption, advising governments of West-Asian countries, and helping organizations in the Middle East embrace the technology advancements of the digital asset space.
Business Advisor in the Middle East
Technology Consulting
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