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We delve into your business and leverage our expertise to highlight all probable growth points.
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Getting things done by our team efforts.
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Sergey photo
Sergey Kubasov
Sergey is a top-tier executive, ex-VP of Technology in Russian tech giant VK, ex-C-suite of 90M+ MAU social networks, e-commerce platforms, payment system, and crypto b2b business.

His main fields of interest are crisis management and operational efficiency.

His career started more than 20 years ago in the system administration domain, so Sergey always pays the most profound attention to the state of critical infrastructure and the company’s risk management maturity.

He possesses a unique expertise in managing companies of all ranges, from 1000+ patients capacity COVID-19 mobile laboratory folded out in just 2 days, to a billion-dollars international e-commerce enterprise.

Sergey will personally participate in business strategy, budgeting, and high-level crisis and risk management projects.
CEO, Crisis Management Advisor
Dmitry photo
Dmitry Yanchenko
Dmitry is a cybersecurity executive with almost 20 years in the domain. He successfully built top-notch security perimeters in such safety-demanding organizations as biggest regional banks, and his experience lies across the world. In the beginning of his career Dmitry was specialized in performing formal audits like PCI DSS for financial institutions.

Dmitry will personally participate in projects related to cybersecurity.
Cybersecurity Advisor
Ilia photo
Ilia Asiamolov
Ilia is a financial expert with a background in PwC Consulting (specialized in pharma distribution, retail, and real estate development projects). He is an experienced CFO with a track record in highly complicated multi-platform services, thriving in challenging industries like crypto infrastructure.

Ilia will personally participate in budgeting,business strategy, and crypto-related projects.
Crypto & Financial Advisor
Valerie photo
Valerie Leroy
For over 8 years, Valerie has been a passionate leader in driving significant growth for companies at the forefront of technology. Her expertise spans across IT domains like SaaS, Cloud, Immersive Tech, Fintech, and Blockchain.

Valerie is truly passionate about building and leading high-performing sales teams that consistently exceed goals. She thrives in dynamic environments, setting up robust outbound sales infrastructures from scratch, crafting data-driven strategies (inbound & outbound), and forging strategic partnerships that unlock new possibilities for the business.
Business Development Manager
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