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Synthetic identities and fake IDs challenging KYC - compliance tests (part 2)

Compliance Technology Case Studies
In my previous article I was able to successfully pass the KYC process with a synthesised random ID. This time I challenged SumSub with a synthesised ID but personalised for myself to pass the 2-step selfie verification.

To proceed with the compliance test process I've used platform which onboarded SumSum KYC verification solution.

I synthesised (using the same resource/process from the previous article) 2 national ID cards (Polish and German), both with my face on them, to try and pass the selfie recognition verification step. Once the initial registration process was successfully completed, I started the ID verification process.
SumSub verification start
Have chosen country and type of document and uploaded synthesised to the platform:
Synthesised ID upload
Then Sum Sub asked me to take a selfie and started the verification process. In a few minutes they rejected my documents with the following reason.
Verification rejected
Re-testing with Poland ID produced the same results.

As a result, I could say that Sum Sub successfully identified fake documents and asked for new copies to be submitted. Based on my tests, I could recommend Sum Sub as a KYC provider that effectively detect AI generated forgeries.